Q. How far away is the car park?

A1. Premier parking is directly across the road from the Scillonian’s quay only about 300 yards from where you will actually board the Scillonian. Theres no need to drop off luggage at the quay if you’re using Premier parking.

A2. Standard parking is 1.5 miles and is less than a 5 minutes drive from the quay and is served by a regular shuttle in the morning and evening which is included in the cost of your parking.

Make sure You drop Your bags off at the Quay BEFORE coming to the car park if you’re using standard parking..

Q. What do I do with my luggage?

A. There are Luggage handlers in Florescent jackets at the end of the Quay (Stevedores) so pull up as close to the Quay as possible, You can drive onto the Quay and there are designated spaces for dropping off luggage but these may be occupied, if You drive down further You may find someone parks right behind You and will block You in. Make sure your Luggage is properly tagged! Pass your Luggage to the Stevedores and they will place it in a container for loading onto the Scillonian. On Your return the container will be on the Quay with Your luggage waiting to be picked up. If there are two people travelling then One can collect the luggage while the other comes to pick up the car.

Q. Do you have space available for the dates we require?

A. Please call us on 01736 332727 to check for availability. Please note that if we have availability in the morning there is nothing to say it will still be there in the evening!

Q. How far in advance do we need to book?

A. Although we have sufficient space to accommodate normal demand, we only have limited space and certain times of the year are very busy. Special events on Scilly put extra pressure on this space so if you need parking during the gig racing Championships in May or for bank holidays and school holidays then early booking is advised.

Q. We forgot to book our parking and we are coming down tomorrow can you help us?

A. Please ring 07724 879482 and we will try our best to try to help you.

Q. I have a camper van which is larger than a LWB van can we park this with you?

A. We allow about the same amount of space per vehicle as a supermarket car park does and are large enough to accommodate small camper vans (regular V.W. Type 25 campers). If your camper is a coach built Hymer or similar then we may still be able to accommodate you as we have provision in our outdoor parking area for large campers. Please call 01736 332727 to discuss your requirements.

Q. Are there any height restrictions at the car park as we have a top box on our car?

A. There are no height restrictions at the car parking and no extra charges for high vehicles (although see above for large coach-built campers).

Q. We are bringing a trailer, how do we book this and how much will it cost?

A. If the trailer is going to take up a whole space (most boat trailers do and some will take up more) then it will be charged as if it was a vehicle. If the trailer is smaller than a car then we charge £25.00 per eight day week or £45.00 for two weeks. For other periods please call us on 01736 332727 for prices.

Q. We are departing to (or returning from) Scilly on the Skybus and returning (or departing) on the Scillonian. How do we book this?

A. When booking parking which involves a Skybus transfer let us know when completing your booking. We will require your flight times and flight numbers, so please ensure you have these before calling.

For Skybus departures or returns we can arrange for the Skybus shuttle to collect or drop you off at our car parking areas if requested.

On your return to Land End call us on 07724 879482 to let us know you are at the airport and coming to collect your vehicle don’t forget to ask the driver to drop you off at our car park PRIOR to the shuttle departing Lands End.

Q. We will be changing our vehicle soon and don’t know the details of the new vehicle.

A. Book the current vehicle and registration and call on 01736 332727 or email us at [email protected] as soon as you know the new details.